Services & Inspections

Marine Services Co., Ltd. is an independent marine and engineering consultancy and survey, providing services to the shipping and offshore energy industries.

Through the combined expertise of our Master Mariners, Marine Engineers, Naval Architects and Structural Engineers, Marine Services Co., Ltd. offers operations-based services around marine compliance and safety.

The Mooring Master

Marine Services Co., Ltd. provides the experienced Mooring Master who involve with not only general Mooring Master jobs but also involve with offshore STS Operations and primarily between VLCCs and Aframax tankers.

We ensuring the officers and crew of both vessels follow OCIMF and company guidelines. Acting as a POAC and advisor to the Masters of both vessels, the Mooring Master is responsible for the safety of the operations during the maneuvering of the vessels whilst berthing, monitoring the status of the moorings throughout the cargo transfer and maneuvering the vessels to separate after successful completion of the transfer operations.


Mooring Analysis

Our company provides technical and engineering support to the mooring operations to help to manage and evaluate the risk. This practical knowledge combined with quality engineering leads to safe and efficient mooring operations.


Survey, Inspections & Audits

Marine Services Co., Ltd. undertakes a wide range of surveys, inspections and audits including OVID and CMID inspections on a specific vessel or facility, as well as multiple vessels.


Marine Warranty Surveyors

A marine warranty surveyor, MWS provides independent third-party review and approval of high value and/or high risk marine construction and transportation projects, from the planning to the execution stages.


Rig move Marine Adviser

Services support to your company as Marine Adviser, overseeing the entire rig/barge move operation.


Pre Purchase Survey

Class record searches, Inspection of Hull and Machinery, equipment, management systems and certification, predominantly for prospective buyers and sellers with complete documentation.

  • Naval Architecture and Structural Analysis
  • Full design consultancy for vessels, parts conversion and modification.
  • Structural scantling calculations and structural strength of vessels.
  • Design calculations, documentation, and drawings according to Design Codes and Standards, Classification Rules (NK, DNV, GL, ABS) and Statutory Requirements, such as MARPOL, SOLAS
  • Full structural and production drawings packages suitable for submission for classification approval.
  • Finite element analysis of global and local, fixed and floating structures.
  • Hull damage assessment. Repair Specification Technical specification to yard for tender
  • Liaison and consultancy for classification and regulatory authorities assisting approval process and resolving design issues
  • Calculation of Accidental oil outflow performance (MARPOL Regulation 23)
  • Vessel stability (intact and damaged) checks and calculations.
  • Performing inclining experiment & dead weight surveys.


Repair and Services

Marine Services Co., Ltd. Is in partnership to provide supplies and services with the following companies: 

We provide supplies, repairs and services as determined by our team experience and certified by the above companies located in Thailand.

We supply, services and new installation for load cell with certification 

by LSI Robway, Thailand.

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PdM Solution Services
PdM Solution Services
PdM Solution Services